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GST Increase to 06 Percent from 01 Jan 2012

29 Aug 2011 - Male, Maldives
Maldives Parliament today Passed a Bill Confirming the Proposed Goods & Service Tax (GST) to be Increased from the Current 3.5 Percent to 06 Percent from 01 Jan 2012 onwards, 

GST Increment bill was proposed to the Parliament by Maldives Government. The Initial Proposal was to Increase GST to 06 Percent from 01 Jan 2012 and 10 Percent from 01 Jan 2013 onwards, however the Proposed GST Increment for 2013  might come down to 08 Percent from the Proposed 10 Percent, with the Mounting Pressure from Hoteliers & Industry Stake Holders.

Maldives Introduced its first Tourism Goods & Service Tax from 01 Jan 2011 onwards, which stays unchanged at 3.5 Percent until 31 Dec 2011.

if you need any Further clarificiation on the GST Increase please do not hesistate to contact our Sales Team on Info@intourmaldives.com